You know WHAT you want to change. Let's create a clearer path for the HOW - together.

I invite you to leave behind cycles of starts, stops, and start over agains. Your change journey is as unique as you and your lived experiences. Give yourself the gift of moving beyond willpower and white knuckling it.


Hi! It's Jamie (she/her), the person behind TO SAY I AM. Got a change you want to make? Let's talk. Join me for a temporary offer experiment! 

I'm replacing my 90 minute $175 one-on-one strategy session with this 50 minute session for $25.

Change support should be easier to say yes to, so I'm trying out this temporary option to see how it fits for folks. If you'd like a longer session, you're welcome to book two. 

Select 50 minute session time slots are available from Monday, March 27 - Sunday, April 16.

This special virtual strategy session allows you to explore your change goals with compassionate guidance and support. Gain clarity, incorporate more ease, and take steps to eliminate feelings of frustration and confusion.


This isn't a tough love or mindset-only zone. I work with what works for you and also address mind-body elements to help you choose an action plan to create change that lasts.


Let's talk about:

  • What's working & what isn't 
  • Where you're at & where you want to be
  • Barriers & approaches
  • Stress Levels & routine
  • Plans, motivations & obstacles

Let's create a new path forward with:

  • Collaboration & brainstorming
  • Recommendations & guidance
  • Support & insight


Everyone's different, and every session will be uniquely tailored to you and your needs.

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Welcome and thank you so much for your interest in this spring strategy session special!

I've been down some difficult change journey roads in my life and helped support others as they navigated their own.

Even on bright, inspired, wildest-dreams-come-true kinda change journeys, processes can get rocky. Change can be difficult and frustrating - especially when your good intentions are undermined by not-so-helpful coping skills, limiting beliefs, and environmental influences that keep you from making long-term progress.

"Just do the thing," they say.

It's not that easy. Change takes so much more than willpower and just simply deciding to do the thing.

I'm here to help.

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I'm experimenting with this offer because my 90 minute in-depth session can be a bit more than some folks are looking to start with. The cost can also be inaccessible to some. 

My goal is to better support folks in the ways they want help... with whatever it is I can help with, so... in addition to change collaboration, if you have questions or want guidance on anything else I have specialized well-being knowledge in... feel free to book a session.

  • Mind-Body Practitioner (MindBodyFood Institute)
  • Personal Trainer (ISSA)
  • Nutrition Coach (ISSA)
  • Transformation Specialist (ISSA)
  • Exercise Recovery Specialist (ISSA)
  • Mindfulness Instructor (School of Positive Transformation)
  • Office Ergonomic Assessor (Saif Corporation)

Please Note: This special session offer is for individual support, not business consultation.

Also, I'm not a coach. I'm a collaborator. We work together. There won't be an upsell for a coaching package or another offer. Just a strategy session - no strings attached.

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