Hi! I'm Jamie (she/her).

I'm a Wellness Consultant, Transformation Specialist, and Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor who's on a mission to help people profoundly (and more easily) change their lives (and the world around them).

Welcome! How can I help?

Not doing the thing(s) you wanna do?

You’re not alone. And… it’s not all about lack of willpower.

Wait. That’s important. Please read it again. It’s not all about lack of willpower.

Don’t get me wrong. Willpower has its place in the change process, and change is also so much more than willpower.

When people say change is simply about just doing the thing or pulling yourself up by the bootstraps or just changing your mind, I'm quite...


You develop habits, automatic reactions, and entire lifestyles based on the unique, specific things you see, hear, and experience. Reshaping those habits, automatic reactions, and entire lifestyles often requires far more than just the choice to change.


It's my belief that the most important conversation you’ll have today – and every day – is the one you have with yourself. The stories you tell yourself and how you complete the phrase “I AM…” profoundly shapes who you are, how you take action, and how you see your story fitting into the world around you.

Your “I AM…” shapes your life story. That knowledge brought TO SAY I AM Transformation Co into existence.

Your identities, roles, and environments – past and present - all play a part in how you develop habits, make choices, and create change in your life (and the world).

TO SAY I AM Transformation Co aims to share habit change and lifestyle transformation tools that help highlight mind-body connection, your unique experiences, and how to recognize the external influences that affect your ability to make the changes you desire.

It's my belief that the most important conversation you’ll have today – and every day – is the one you have with yourself.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You have a desire to do something differently… and put it off to tomorrow… and tomorrow… and tomorrow again
  • You seem stuck in a cycle of starting, stopping, and starting over again
  • You feel shame, frustration, and embarrassment when you don’t meet goals… or just try to ignore it all
  • You know there must be more to life than repeating the same patterns over and over again
  • You want to live a more fulfilling, healthy, inspired life that’s aligned with what YOU want (not what it seems everyone else says you should want)
  • You hope to make big, positive impact in the world, and you still have some things you want to change in your own life that seem to keep getting in the way 


I am on a mission to:

  • Take the guesswork out of habit change and lifestyle transformation and offer validation for change journeys that don't look like flowcharts
  • Provide a compassionate, equitable space for change-seekers to learn, grow, and feel less alone on their journeys to change due to their own desires, not out of a desire to conform or appease
  • Help people create inspired impact and heal from one-size-fits-all solutions and cookie-cutter approaches to well-being
  • Showcase how advertising, conditioning, and external influences (including systems, structures, and institutions) affect our perceptions, beliefs, and actions
  • Elevate knowledge of mind-body connection and how knowing the basics of our biology can profoundly change the way we relate to ourselves, others, and our environments
  • Normalize conversations about and reduce stigma associated to mental health and addiction

If you feel frustrated and stuck or you'd simply like a new perspective and support as you navigate your next new change, please know that you’re not alone. 


You have the power to change your life (and the world around you).

(Because… pssssst… when you change yourself, you absolutely, 110% change the world.)


The Start of TO SAY I AM

After I spent years (decades) smoking too much, drinking way too much, and not eating anywhere near enough while trying to build a semi-functional adulthood with dysfunctional coping skills and nearly zero practical knowledge about how to reverse the downward spiral I found myself on, I came to a crossroads.

It was the law of averages. Change... or die.

I changed, and still being alive is my greatest accomplishment in life.

You don't need to face life-threatening circumstances to seek assistance with change. You just need a desire to explore, grow, and live a more empowered, inspired life. 

In addition to my own lived experience, I also hold certifications in a variety of wellness areas that, when used together, take a person’s whole life into consideration – not just the one area they’d like to change. My training allows me to combine evidence-based approaches with the key practices I’ve used to change my own life.

In my experience, some of the same approaches that can be used to quit smoking and eat healthier can also be used to improve relationships, reduce harmful thought patterns, and... ultimately... change not just YOUR world, but the entire world.

In the tools and resources offered through TO SAY I AM, I align my lived experience with proven, evidence-based transformation techniques to help others on their paths to changing their lives... and the world around them.

My Journey to TO SAY I AM

When I fully stepped into adulthood, I moved to a large metropolitan area after a rural upbringing and college in a small town. Even with a world of new experiences and opportunities, I found myself feeling perpetually stuck - stuck in patterns of self-defeating habits, depression, and craptastically dysfunctional relationships. Though I followed my life and career dreams, very little felt like it truly fit. I had a whole pile of internal conflict and lived a broken record of starts, stops, and start over agains.

Looking at my own life and the state of the world brought despair. Though I volunteered and had purposeful career goals, it seemed the world was too big, I was too small, and the needle of my efforts barely created a positive outcome. I struggled to figure out how I could positively contribute to creating the more just, compassionate world I dreamt of.

I leaned into intense patterns of self-destructive behavior, heavy alcohol use, and workaholic habits. They were coping habits I developed in my youth. As an adult, they took over my life... and nearly ended it.

*Cue the part that I mentioned above... change... or die.*

Then I realized, if I wanted to improve the world for others, I knew I had to also improve myself.

I dug into texts about human behavior, the cosmos, and belief systems. I searched seemingly everywhere for answers. It often felt like I was going in circles. I (quite painfully) stopped avoiding a handful of past traumas that not only shaped the phases of my life when they took place, but had shaped my life, my conditioning, and my choices every day since.

I examined my thoughts, influences, and actions – good, bad, and terrifying. Then I took conscious, deliberate steps to truly align myself with actions that held genuine meaning to me.

It was an extraordinarily difficult, exhilarating, and eye-opening process that I didn't have a roadmap for. Every month, week, and day was trial and error.

Through exploration, heightened awareness, and incremental changes, I successfully aligned many of my actions with my personal values and maintained long-term change in nearly every area of my life - through relocations, career changes, relationship starts and stops, loss of loved ones. I quit drinking and smoking. I created a healthier relationship with food and movement. My love affair with self-destruction dissipated. I profoundly shifted my career, sense of self, relationships, and how I show up in the world.

These things didn't change simply because one day I decided they would... and I had soooooo much willlllpower.

Nuh-uh. No way.

It took trial and error, thoughtful inquiry, and a willingness to adapt. The path was long, confusing, and painful at times. It was also awe-inspiring, joyful, and validating.

After creating my own profound changes and enjoying life in a way I never knew possible, I wanted to help others do the same. I started writing for social impact and change-supporting brands. That led me to create TO SAY I AM. I spent several years working with folks – individually and in groups - through employer-sponsored wellness efforts – writing, building resources, and providing training and support. It was a wonderful experience, and I still partner with organizations on wellness-related trainings and Adult Mental Health First Aid. I’m also drawn to support change-seekers in more direct ways.

In the tools and resources offered through TO SAY I AM, I align my lived experience with proven, evidence-based transformation techniques to help others on their paths to changing their lives... and the world around them.

Combined with my personal and professional experiences, I also hold the following certifications:

  • Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor (National Council for Mental Well-Being)
  • Mind-Body Specialist (MindBodyFood Institute)
  • Personal Trainer (ISSA)
  • Nutrition Coach (ISSA)
  • Transformation Specialist (ISSA)
  • Exercise Recovery Specialist (ISSA)
  • Mindfulness Instructor (School of Positive Transformation)
  • Office Ergonomic Assessor (Saif Corporation)

Welcome to TO SAY I AM Transformation Co. I’m so grateful that your journey led you here.

Every moment is a new opportunity to begin again. I'm here to help support your next steps toward greater health, fulfillment, and well-being.